About Us - Wxyz Store

Wxyz Store is an online store that distributes only good products that are tested and shipped from Montreal.

All at reasonable price, no scam, no trick, there is no exaggerated profit and it is not words look!

If the store realizes that a product is not of good quality, it is removed from the store's inventory and liquidated on eBay. As for example we removed the low-end LCD screens and generic iPhone batteries as they were not good.

Complete liquidation of all inventory each year
The Wxyz Store has the particularity of making a complete liquidation of all its inventory once a year.

Starting October 7 of each year, all prices are reduced every 48 hours until the complete liquidation of all inventory. Of course, we reserve the right to adjust prices according to demand, but the goal is to lower prices until all is sold.

We lower prices about $1 on products over $20, 50 cents on articles from $10 to $20 and 25 cents on items under $10 every 48 hours.

Most items under $5 are not discounted and discounts, with exceptions, are limited to 50% of the regular price.

For example, a Samsung EVO Plus 128GB microSDXC memory card at $49,95 (already at half price at Best Buy or Walmart) will be reduced to $48.95 on October 7, to $47.95 on October 9th. , and so on ... and until all inventory of this model is liquidated, however, the regular price will not be reduced by more than 50%, or $24.45.

In addition, delivery is free throughout the liquidation.

Please note
1st - The liquidation at the same time on Ebay with a shift of one to two days on reduced prices.
2nd - When there is a sale, the price of this product will be maintained for 3 days, before starting to fall again.


Two of the reasons why the Wxyz Store can sell its products at affordable prices is that we have no expenditure linked to a local storefront and we favor SEO more than we do purchase of keywords on Google Ads (paid search network).

Bonus, no tax! As a small supplier, we are not required to collect GST or QST on sales.

Currently, we specialize in selling quality LCD screens for iPhone as well as microSD SDHC SDXC memory cards and adapters.