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Its High Fidelity

Hi-Res Audio ensures your music sounds exactly the way the artist intended, while Qualcomm aptX technology preserves audio quality when streaming via Bluetooth.

Remarkable power

The Motion + speaker's pairs of ultra-high-frequency 40 kHz tweeters, neodymium woofers and passive radiators produce 30W of rich sound. They are positioned at an angle of 15 ° for optimal sound dispersion.

Extended frequency range and BassUp technology

The frequency range extends from 50Hz to 40KHz to enhance every little detail. BassUp, our exclusive bass boosting technology improves low frequencies in real time for even deeper bass.

Active crossover

The crossover, which is used to separate the highs from the low frequencies and direct them to the tweeter and the woofer, is generally passive. Unlike other speakers, the Motion + has been designed with an active crossover for increased precision.

The music doesn't stop

A 6700 mAh Li-ion battery with exclusive Anker technology and security system lets you listen to up to 12 hours of continuous music. With its IPX7 waterproof level, the enclosure is not afraid of water, you can take it to the edge of the pool without risk.

Customizable EQ

Use the Soundcore app to customize the Motion + equalizer and create the perfect mix for your favorite musical genres.

USB-C connectivity

Motion + uses the latest USB technology for easy charging and increased compatibility with other devices.

* Note:

For optimal performance in Wireless Stereo mode, place the speakers within 5m indoors, or within 15m in open spaces.


Anker Soundcore Motion 30W

Bluetooth speaker, portable high-resolution audio speaker, extended bass and treble, wireless HiFi speaker

Rich Details

Motion+'s natural silk dome tweeter has an ultra wide frequency range to retain the accuracy of songs.

Exceptional clarity and depth

The Ultra-wide frequency range of the Motion + speaker extends from 50Hz to 40kHz and is paired with advanced DSP to ensure faithful reproduction of all the details and idiosyncrasies of your favorite songs.

Custom EQ

Use the The Sound App to Customize movement + EQ and create

The perfect mix for your favorite music genres.IPX7 waterproof

The fully sealed housing provides an impenetrable barrier against liquids.

The USB-C and AUX ports are protected with an airtight cover for complete waterproofing.

12 hours of music

The built-in 6700 mAh battery allows you to enjoy this speaker for no less than 12 hours continuously.

Exceptional precision

An advanced DSP and dedicated power supplies for each woofer and tweeter improve the accuracy of sound reproduction.

Unique construction

Placed upwards at an angle of 15 °, the dual tweeters, woofers and passive radiators of the Motion + have been designed to improve sound dispersion.

Wireless stereo pairing

Pair two Motion + through one device to double the volume or get huge stereo sound.

Bluetooth 5.0

Connect your device in an instant and enjoy a robust connection and seamless music streaming


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Anker Soundcore Motion 30W

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